Potlandia Tour

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The Potlandia Experience is the latest Pot Tour conjured up by Great Oregon Tours, one of the top rated Portland tour companies. Lead by owner Wayne Oppenheimer; AKA the Wizard of Wine, you’re sure to be entertained and educated about Portland’s growing Marijuana Tour  culture. Oh, and wait till you see this bus, it’s SICK!

Based in Portland, we have been witness to the revolution and liberation of legalized recreational marijuana. More importantly, as experts in tourism you know we’ve done our homework, knocked on some doors, met the key players in the industry and sampled some goods.  We can say with great confidence that we have lined up The Potlandia Experience, the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Portland while being hauled around in the coolest F’n pot bus anywhere!


The Potlandia Experience is definitely a Rock and Roll trip around Portland. O.K., let’s face it, you found us by looking for a Marijuana Tour and that’s what you’ll get, but what would make this cannabis tour experience even better….some booze and some munchies, right? So mixed in between shopping at dispensaries, watching an extracting lab and checking out the glass at Mellow Mood we’ll hit up one of Portland’s great microbrews, a distillery and then of course some food carts on your pot tour.

Do you want more other than just a Pot tour but you LOVE the bus? WE GOT YOU! Plan your bachelor parties, Birthday parties or just some flat out nightlife in Portland Parties and then give us a call.

pot bus side view